Defender Ammunition Company Rounds 38 Special 50/per


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We currently offer 3 projectile types on this classic revolver round.

The 125g THP (Target Hollow Point) is a lighter-grain round designed for target shooting. This is a longer bullet that makes slightly more contact with the rifling in your barrel, stabilizing it for a more accurate shot.

The flat bullet profile of the 148g WC (Wad Cutter) makes it an excellent choice for target practice and competition.  The overall length on this cartridge allows for use in a semi-automatic.  

The 158g FN is certainly the most widely used grain for this caliber. It is a plated flat nosed projectile, ideal for practice and training.

Brass: Remanufactured or New. Please note that the Wadcutters are ONLY available in remanufactured brass.


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