Federal Premium Ammunition .17 HMR VShok Vmax17G x 50


Product ID: 4230


Nothing performs better on varmints than Federal’s V-Shok ammunition. Sizzling velocity and explosive disruption make it the ultimate choice for your favorite varmint. V-Shok is available in your favorite calibres and features the best bullets available for any varmint. Take V-Shok along for the hunt—you’ll be glad you did. 

Tough on varmints, the polymer tip of the V-Max bullet is key to its high accuracy and raises the ballistic coefficient for improved velocity and flight stability. The copper jacket not only adds to the accuracy and stability during flight but is designed to work with the faster twist rates of many of today’s advanced varmint rifles. 

  • Velocity: 2530fps.
  • Energy: 242ft/lbs.
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